Information about the marriage of Ferencz Szabó and Borbára Técsi:

Groom Firstname: Ferencz
Groom Lastname: Szabó
Groom Nickname:
Groom Denomination: calvinist
Groom Birthday: //
Groom Age: 27y
Groom Birth Place: Sarkadkeresztur
Groom Residence: Désakna
Groom Occupation:
Bride Firstname: Borbára
Bride Lastname: Técsi
Bride Nickname:
Bride Denomination: calvinist
Bride Birthday: //
Bride Age: 18y
Bride Birth Place: Désakna
Bride Residence: Désakna
Bride Occupation:
Groom Father Firstname: Imre
Groom Father Lastname: Szabó
Groom Father Nickname:
Groom Father Denomination:
Groom Father Residence:
Groom Father Occupation:
Groom Mother Firstname: Juliánna
Groom Mother Lastname: Fazekas
Groom Mother Nickname:
Groom Mother Denomination:
Groom Mother Residence:
Groom Mother Occupation:
Bride Father Firstname: István
Bride Father Lastname: Técsi
Bride Father Nickname: Andrásé
Bride Father Denomination:
Bride Father Residence:
Bride Father Occupation:
Bride Mother Firstname: Czéczi
Bride Mother Lastname: Horváth
Bride Mother Nickname:
Bride Mother Denomination:
Bride Mother Residence:
Bride Mother Occupation:
Julian Calendar: no
Engagement Date: //
Wedding Date: 14/5/1910
Wedding Place: